Red Cedar Ranch, LLC is a timber and farming operation with properties in Mississippi and Kentucky.  Our goal is to maximize timber production while maintaining a healthy balance of hardwoods and pines, as well as, setting aside a portion of the property in excellent wildlife habitat.  From walnuts in Kentucky to Green Ash in the bottoms of Mississippi, we strive to follow the best conservation practices we can use. We believe we were chosen to be the Stuarts of the land and that we should take special care of the the land and leave it in better shape then when we found it. RCR has replanted manybusiness thousands of hardwoods and loblolly pines, while enhancing wildlife plots with pears, apples, sawtooths, persimmons, peaches, chestnuts, figs, autumn olives and other fruit bearing trees. Feed lots have been constructed to provide year round food for deer and turkeys. A mix of clover, chicory, rape, as well as, grain crops such as soybeans and winter wheat or planted yearly.

Whitetail Deer


While Timber is our business, Deer hunting is our passion.  It is more than a seasonal event for the crew at Red Cedar Ranch. Special care and preparation of our food plots and deer blinds is a year long effort. But that's the fun part. Getting ready! While we believe every deer is a trophy, we have an extremely conservative approach to deer management weighing heavily on three elements; Food, Cover and Age. We focus on keeping deer on our land by ample food sources, keeping them feeling secure by low pressure and restricted cover areas, and by harvesting old bucks. You can see some of the deer we have taken here

Wild Turkey

businessThere is something amazing about calling a wild tom  by mimicking a sexy hen of the same species. It is one of the most exciting things a hunter can do. We love our turkeys in both our Kentucky properties and Mississippi and they have something in common, they are all smart. We burn our pines and keep open ground mixed in with our cut areas to provide travel lanes for flocks. The farmland in Kentucky provides excellent habitat and the hardwood bottoms in Mississippi can provide some exciting action. Most land owners ignore turkey management or they believe it is the opposite of deer management so you cannot do both, however, there are lots of things a forest owner can do to increase the number of birds that stay on your land. Controlling predators, providing nesting areas, creating open travel lanes that turkeys feel comfortable in, natural food sources and clover plots are all things that can help while complimenting the deer management program.



Being the Stuarts of the land doesn't just mean "land". No farm is complete without a water source and we have several lakes and beaver ponds on the RCR holdings. We manage our fish just like our other wildlife, with the intent to constantly improve the habitat and the health of the species. Bass, Bream, Crappie and Catfish are common catches all year long. And with Kentucky lake nearby, there is always a fish to be caught somewhere close.  Jake DePrato holds up a stringer that would make any kid proud!


businessWhile timber is the crop of the majority of our acreage, some land is just perfect for growing row crops. We grow soybeans and corn on our Kentucky properties. It provides a wonderful food source for the wildlife. We are always looking for more land to farm in Western Kentucky to farm. If you have row crop land you want to sell we may be interested in buying.